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They're Great

I love these straws! They come in some fun colours and you also get a carry bag and a straw brush. Easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to take along to places. Highly recommend these.

Quality product

These straws are great. I love the cleaning brush that came with it. It’s super easy to clean in the dishwasher since I use these straws all the time

Definitely a great buy and they look even better in person.


Loved the Straws FMOIG: kahuna__Shad

The best

I love these, the colors are pretty and they were a great buy.


I love these straws!!!!! Easy to clean and functional... one of the best investments that I’ve ever made.


These straws are great and clean up well

Reusable Drinking Straws & Free Carry Bag + Cleaning Brush

Reusable Drinking Straws & Free Carry Bag + Cleaning Brush

The product is amazing and I love how the cleaning brush fits perfectly into the straws. The quality is amazing!

Very convenient and environmentally friendly...

My family loves it. We have our own straw wherever we go specially at picnic ventures.
Washing them is the best part then reusing. Plus sturdy products and environmentally friendly.
Thank you for this great idea. I highly recommend your drinking straws.

Good quality and looks nice

Very nice and strong straws. There are 8 in a bag with the colors silver, gold and rainbow. My daughter likes the one with the colors best. The storage bag is handy for on the way and keeps it all together. Easy to clean with a tiny brush that was also delivered in the
Package. Absolutely love it!

Great for the environment

Great reusable straws. It comes with 8 beautiful reusable metal straws, a straw cleaner and a pouch. They are great to use.

Thank you

They are great! Thanks for helping me do my part.

Très bon service et paille de superbe qualité.

Vous pouvez commander les yeux fermés. La qualité et bonne et les pailles très jolies !

Reusable Drinking Straws & Free Carry Bag + Cleaning Brush


Never thought I’d get on with this sort of straw but these are brilliant.

I wish I used these sooner!

I absolutely love these reusable drinking straws-they help the environment and enhance the drinking experience-highly recommend!

Love reusable straws

The cleaning tool is helpful thank you

Amazing Product

Absolutely fabulous I LOVE them, thanks green company :)

stylish, cute and green

i love them and use them a lot.
as a side effect they even benefit the environment.
great job and thumbs up for "the green company"

Love the straws

Such a good product - use them daily. Highly recommend. And I love the bag to keep them in